2022 WSOP Main Event Final Table Profile: Jeffrey Farnes

Final Table Profile: Jeffrey Farnes

Seat: 7
Chip Count: 35,350,000
Big Blinds: 29
Age: 39
Hometown: Dallas, Oregon, United States

Jeffrey Farnes’ Main Event Story

Jeffrey Farnes is more used to competing in low-to-mid-stakes tournaments judging by his Hendon Mob profile. His first live cash came in August 2017 when he won over $9,200 in a $1,650 Ante Up Poker Tour event in Lincoln. Farnes followed that deep run wth a second-place finish in a $1,100 WPTDeepStacks event in Reno, which came with a $39,735 score. That prize remained his largest ever until a seventh-place finish in the $2,500 MGM Grand Summer Series Grand Stack event in July 2022, earned him $61,250. Indeed, he has now blown that career-best out of the water because he is guaranteed $675,000 right now and is only nine eliminations away from a $10,000,000 score.

Farnes first cashed at the WSOP in 2019 when he reached the money place in both the Big 50 and the Main Event. Further cashes in the COLOSSUS and Mini Main Event in 2021 were followed by an in-the-money finish in The Housewarming and Mini Main Event this summer.

Now that he has reached the final table, Farnes will be well-supported by An army of friends and family.

“I’ve got a huge rail coming. I got on the horn layer, I kind of wanted to make sure I reached the final table before I got everybody here. I’ve got some of my best friends here already. It got loud here yesterday but I have enough people coming that we can compete!”

Farnes started his poker career in 2004, playing $3/$6 Limit Hold’em, which were the only games running where he was back then. He then transitioned to $1/$3 No-Limit Hold’em and progressed from there. Farnes drew inspiration from Daniel Negreanu, particularly his hand reading ability, something that he has incorporated into his own game.

Jeffrey Farnes
Jeffrey Farnes

Farnes’ Run to the Final Table

Farnes did not get off to the best of starts in the 2022 WSOP Main Event, bagging up 55,800 on Day 1c, which saw him towards the bottom of the chip counts. However, since then, Farnes found himself at the more favorable end of the chip counts, especially from Day 3 onwards where he has been in the top couple of percent.

Day 3 saw a key hand take place, according to Farnes. He moved tables and on the third hand at this new table he won a substantial pot.

“I had pocket aces and played them pretty quietly. A GTO player played his hand very aggressively, ten-eight suited. There was a ten-ten-seven flop that got heavy into action, the turn was an ace and he shipped in all his chips. That was the turning point because it jumped me up to around 350,000.”

Farnes ended Day 3 with 1,075,000 chips, and added another 800,000 or so chips to his stack on Day 4, before going from 1,840,000 chips to 7,720,000 on Day 5. However, it was Day 6 when Farnes knew the final table was within reach because he finished the night with 37,825,000 chips, the most of the remaining 35 players. Farnes busted Alejandro Lococo during Day 6 and even made quad nines to take a chunk of Tzur Levy‘s stack and soar to 40 million chips.

Farnes went about his business in a quiet and efficient manner on Day 7 and will return to the ten-handed final table in sixth place with 29 big blinds and a dream.

Farnes’ 2022 WSOP Main Event Journey

Day Finsihing Stack Place Among Remaining Field
Day 1c 55,800 904 of 1,376
Day 2abc 352,000 105 of 1,262
Day 3 1,075,000 69 of 1,299
Day 4 1,840,000 89 of 380
Day 5 7,720,000 17 of 123
Day 6 37,825,000 1 of 35
Day 7 50,800,000 8 of 10

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2022 Main Event Final Table Seating

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Philippe Souki United Kingdom 13,500,000 11
2 Adrian Attenborough Australia 50,800,000 42
3 Matija Dobric Croatia 68,650,000 57
4 Michael Duek United States 49,775,000 41
5 Matthew Su United States 83,200,000 69
6 John Eames United Kingdom 54,950,000 46
7 Jeffrey Farnes United States 35,350,000 29
8 Aaron Duczak Canada 56,000,000 47
9 Espen Jorstad Norway 83,200,000 69
10 Asher Conniff United States 29,400,000 25

There will be one hour and 48 minutes remaining in level 38 at blinds of 600,000-1,200,000 with a big blind ante of 1,200,000. All ten survivors will return to their seats at 2 p.m. local time on Friday, July 15, 2022 for the unofficial ten-handed final table.

Once the field is then down to the final nine contenders, they will be on a short break for the official final table pictures before commencing their journey to crown the 2022 WSOP Main Event champion.

2022 Main Event Final Table Payouts

Place Prize
1 $10,000,000
2 $6,000,000
3 $4,000,000
4 $3,000,000
5 $2,225,000
6 $1,750,000
7 $1,350,000
8 $1,075,000
9 $850,675

2022 Main Event Final Table Player Stats

Player Country First Cash WSOP Cashes Career Earnings Biggest Cash
Philippe Souki United Kingdom 2010 7 $830,812 $102,214
Adrian Attenborough Australia 2014 8 $1,460,049 $361,660
Matija Dobric Croatia 2017 8 $239,167 $198,550
Michael Duek United States 2017 4 $651,300 $548,015
Matthew Su United States 2014 0 $49,340 $29,230
John Eames United Kingdom 2007 19 $2,196,078 $289,706
Jeffrey Farnes United States 2017 12 $181,550 $61,250
Aaron Duczak Canada 2006 40 $423,887 $51,251
Espen Jorstad Norway 2012 24 $266,860 $74,042
Asher Conniff United States 2009 49 $2,862,290 $973,683

Stats courtesy of WSOP.com and HendonMob.com.

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