Are Skill-Based Casino Games More Fun?

Poker is undoubtedly the casino game that requires the highest level of skill. Luck obviously still has a significant role to play, especially in terms of which cards you (and your opponents) are dealt at any given time. Skill comes into the equation when you need to make important decisions based on odds, your opponents’ behavior and decisions, and your knowledge of poker hands.

Poker is often referred to as “the most popular way to gamble.” Many people who enjoy playing live dealer online casino poker or playing in-person at a land-based casino admit that the primary “pull” is the urge to defeat other players by implementing a great strategy and putting their well-practiced “poker face” to good use.

Another reason for its unrivaled popularity is that there are lots of poker variants to choose from, all of which vary in terms of pace and complexity. This means that there’s almost sure to be a poker variant suited to you and your player preferences. A few variants to watch out for include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, seven-card stud, five-card draw, high low Chicago and video poker. Due to its simplicity and low house edge, most beginners opt to get started with video poker before moving on to play against real competitors in live poker tournaments.


Known for being the casino table game with the lowest house edge, blackjack is a game played one-on-one with a dealer and is equal parts skill and chance. The skill involved includes an ability to work with statistics, use mathematics to your advantage and make quick, effective decisions under pressure.

Some gamblers use a tactic known as “card counting” to beat the dealer when playing blackjack at a casino. This tactic involves keeping a close eye on which cards have been dealt to try to determine which cards remain in the deck and, of course, whether these remaining cards favor the player or the dealer. While it’s not illegal, card counting certainly is controversial and could result in you being removed from the game. As such, it’s definitely best avoided.

Those who are keen to explore strategy-based games often choose to give blackjack a go because its rules are easy to follow, and it’s possible to win a nice sum of money even if your skills aren’t quite yet up to scratch.  


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