Best Slots to Get Started on Slotomania

As you get started on Slotomania, you may be trying to figure out which slots are the best.

Through the Slots, you have the chance of being able to win coins and level up, so which are the best slots to get started on Slotomania?

With the ability to play over 160 games on Slotomania, you are able to find the games which are perfect for you – regardless of your mood!

Best Slots to Play on Slotomania

For those games which you want to play whilst you’re getting started on Slotomania, these are ones that will give you an advantage.

Whether you play directly on their website or on Facebook, being able to learn the variance of slots, you can start to choose your favorites.

These are the best slots to play and get started on Slotomania – so why not start today and level up?

Crazy Train

As you jump onto the crazy train, you can introduce yourself to the slot that is first on the list.

This slot has 5 rows and 6 reels, this gives you additional chances to win. Throughout the slot, there are also additional bonuses that you can win. With varied rates, you can see if you have the luck to win these gold coin prizes.

Whether you want to bet 100 gold coins, or up to the total bet, of 25,000 gold coins, this gives you the varied chances of leveling up and winning more coins!

Crazy Train Slot Slotomania

Puss The Cunning

Playing 243 ways, you can gain the winnings of up to 50,084 coins for the grand prize. For the major and minor winnings, you can win up to 2,542 and 1,021, respectively.

Across the slot, you can take advantage of the 3 rows and 5 reels, which gives you the possibility to win those coins.

Within your winnings, you also have the chance to win Free Spins, with triple reels, which gives you even more free chances to win even more coins.

Throughout the slot experience on ‘Puss the Cunning’, you can ensure that you’re gaining the utmost best visual experience. With the bright, detailed imagery, you can ensure that this becomes a part of being able to indulge yourself in the slot.

Medusa Magic

Creating a unique slot experience, Medusa Magic is one to indulge yourself in through the Slotomania experience.

Through the bright, very colorful, and with the music complementing the visuals, this is one of those slots which is grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Across 3 rows and 5 reels, whilst you are playing 50 lines, on this slot, you can also place the total bet up to the maximum bet of 40,000 coins – which can bring a huge upside to those big winnings.

Through a range of winnings, and in between the losses, you can grow your coins. If you’re lucky, you can win the big-wins, and mega-win with ranging prizes depending on what you bet.

Silver Jr.

Delving deeper into the jungle, with the maximum bet of 50,000 coins, you can ensure that with your winnings you can gain even more coins – this enables the continuous spinning.

Similarly, to some of the other slots which have been featured for those getting started, the slot ‘Silver Jr’ also contains 3 rows and 5 reels – as well as the ability to play 50 lines.

Presenting a jungle theme, you can ensure that you’ll notice the winnings and losses appearing before your eyes, with the colors popping from the variance of imagery.

As you continue with the chances of winning big, depending on the total amount you bet, this also counts to your ability to level up – enabling you to unlock new games in the future!

King of the North

Leveling up the amount you can bet, you can now bet up to 400,000 as your maximum bet if you choose to pick up all 5 reels.

When you choose to pick the slot of ‘King of the North’, you are presented with the menu to be able to choose the number of reels you want.

At any time, you are able to change the number of reels that you want to play. The more reels, the bigger prizes. Although, with less active reels, you can gain bigger pay line wins.

Activate Reels Slotomania

Through the ways of playing the slots, you are able to play 25 ways, in addition to the features of the slots.

From one active reel, you can have a maximum bet of 100,000, up to choosing five active reels for a maximum bet of 400,000 coins – taking advantage of the in-game currency.

In the midst of your slotting experience, on ‘King of the North’, you have varying levels of additional prized coins which you can win.

From mega, major, minor, and mini tiers of prizes, you can win from 25,000,000 coins to as low as 1,700 coins depending on how much you bet!

Might Silver Deluxe

Playing with 5 lines and a feature, you can introduce the total bets of 5,000 bets all the way to a maximum bet of 100,000 coins.

When you choose to bet the maximum total of 100,000 coins, through the grand prize, you have the chance to win up to 200,000,138 coins – of which this prize ranges depending on many variables.

Although you might not have the chance to win the big grand prize, betting 100,000 coins can win the major and minor prizes. Through the major and minor prizes, you can win up to around 5,000,000 coins and 2,000,000 coins respectively.

Cheats & Hacks for Playing the Slots

Explore Varied Slots

Whilst you’re unlocking the new slots, and growing your bank of coins, trying to explore the variation of slots will not only bring additional excitement to your experience but enable the winning potential through different slots.

As you play across the different slots, there are some in which you lose coins and some which you will win as you spin.

As you play through the different slots, through different variables such as how much you bet, this determines how much you could potentially win.

This also changes with each slot, so try out each slot as you unlock them and try to win those extra prizes!

Slotomania Slots

Don’t Think About Being Strategic

As you play across 160 slots, the level of being strategy you need to implore within your playing isn’t necessary.

Being able to play these slots isn’t too crucial to be able to discover the different slots which are offered.

Within this process, as you want to focus on increasing your coins, ensure that you play within your means – this means that you don’t want to play one spin with all your coins – in case you have the chance of winning.

In the place of your spinning those slots, ensure that you include that variance within the betting, rows you’re spinning, and this gives you the chance to win (and potentially lose).

Gain 1 Million Free Coins

When you’re signing up to play Slotomania for the first time when you sign up with PokerNews, you will get 1 million free coins – this gives you the starting bonus!

In addition, you are able to gain gifts to your profile which vary in size, all you need to do is check your gifts as you log in and there might be something waiting for you!

Slotomania Gifts

Slotomania Frequently Asked Questions

How to Win Real Money on Slotomania?

On Slotomania, you are unable to win real money, however you can win the in-game coins as a currency based on the slots you play.

However, although you can’t win real money, you can start to build up your gold coins, and start your ability to start levelling up!

How to Get Free Coins in Slotomania?

When you’re playing Slotomania, there are many ways to be able to gain free coins, which enables you start your slotting journey.

To be able to get started on Slotomania, when you sign up with PokerNews, you can start with 1,000,000 Coins.

In addition, whilst you’re playing the slots, you can gain bonuses which gives you coins for the slots you’re playing.

How to Cash Out on Slotomania?

As you are unable to deposit real money, or win money on Slotomania, you are unable to cash out.

Through the means of entertainment, you play the slots for an in-game gold currency which you use for the slotting action.

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