Best Summer Vacation Spots in Quebec

While many of us have spent the cold winter and spring days playing online casino games, the sun is finally out and it’s important that you go and get your dose of vitamin D while you can. Whether you live in the province or you’re thinking about traveling for a summer vacation in Quebec, Canada, you’re in luck!

While the whole country is undoubtedly beautiful, there is something extra special about Quebec, and it comes alive in the summer. Whether you’re into the outdoors and nature, culture and arts, cuisine or even live casino tables, there are limitless options in Quebec for every interest.

To help you plan your next proper break, we’re going to take a look at some of the best summer vacation destinations in Quebec that aren’t too far off the beaten track. Let’s get packing!


If you’re looking for more culture, architecture and world-class cuisine than you are kayaks and camping, then Montreal is a natural choice of destination for you. Who doesn’t like a summer city break? You can enjoy the warmer weather and take a stroll around the stunning Old Port, with its cobblestone streets, splendid dining options and numerous art galleries. Or hit the hip, artsy neighborhood of Plateau, which has some excellent microbreweries to visit.

Then there are the Irish pubs, nightclubs, bars and restaurants of Downtown. A few of the more popular sites to check out in this incredible city include the Museum of Fine Arts, St Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, Montreal Botanical Garden, Jean Talon Market and much more.

Quebec City

Another excellent choice for those looking for something more cultured than outdoorsy is Quebec City. Here you’re going to find stunning historical architecture, gorgeous scenery, epic food joints, loads of nightlife spots and even a couple of casinos for those who are looking for live blackjack, casino slot games and other gambling games.

The city has a beautiful view over the St Lawrence River, and the stunning Château Frontenac dominates much of this view from wherever you are in the city. There are old stone buildings and charming narrow streets that hark back to a time long ago; there’s also exquisite cuisine to be found all over the city.

Petit-Champlain is a popular area to explore with its wealth of galleries and artisanal shops, and from this quarter, you can take the “Funiculaire” (an old-style cable railway,) which will elevate you in dramatic fashion to Upper Town. From here, you can see the Plains of Abraham (a historic park,) the Citadelle of Quebec (a museum and active fort,) or catch the bus and take a short trip out of the city to see the Montmorency Falls.


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