Eirik Kristiansen Wins The Festival Tallinn Main Event (€56,100)

Norway’s Eirik Kristiansen sat down at The Festival Tallinn Main Event final table and a minor blip aside, came out on top to capture the €56,100 top prize, his largest-ever score, the title of champion, and the all-important winner’s trophy. Before this event, Kristiansen’s live tournament earnings tipped the scales at only $2,209. That sum is far more substantial after he outlasted 551 opponents in this exciting Estonia-based event.

The Festival Tallinn Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Eirik Kristiansen €56,100
2 Jari Mahonen €36,120
3 Kristoffer Winterstein €22,040
4 Mikael Viggander €16,200
5 Jero Keitaanranta €12,100
6 Rando Liiber €9,100
7 Toivo Ojasoo €6,700
8 Gregory Partridge €5,100
9 Sascha Manns €3,950

The final table lost its first player on the first hand of the day. Sascha Manns could not win a coinflip against Kristiansen, with the latter’s king-jack melting Manns’ snowmen.

Eighth place went to Gregory Partridge who also lost a coinflip against Kristiansen. All the chips went into the middle with Patridge holding ace-queen against the pocket jacks of Kristiansen. No help arrived for the ace-queen, and the players received a little more elbow room.

The final seven became six with the elimination of Toivo Ojasoo. Ojasoo committed the last of their chips having paired their ace on an all-diamond flop. Mikael Viggander called the shove with a flush draw, which came in on the turn.

A relative cooler of a hand sent Rando Liiber to the cashier’s desk to collect the last four-figure prize of the evening. Liiber opened then four-bet all in with pocket jacks when six-handed but ran straight into the pocket queens of Kristoffer Winterstein. A jack on the flop looked to have secured a double for Liiber, but a queen on the turn left him drawing to a single out, which did not arrive.

Finishing in fifth place was Jero Keitaanranta who three-bet all-in with pocket fives only for Kristiansen to cold-call out of the blind with a superior pair of eights. A double paired board resigned Keitaanranta to an early visit to the showers, although it came with €12,100 in prize money.

Kristiansen then eliminated Viggander in fourth place when he flopped top pair and turned a straight when Viggander had turned an expensive bottom set.

Heads-up was set when Winterstein ripped in 22 big blinds from the button with king-six, and Jari Mahonen called from the big blind with king-queen. Winterstein was drawing dead on the turn.

The one-on-one battle between Mahonen and Kristiansen initially began with both players being cautious. However, the final hand threw that caution to the wind. A three-times the big blind raise with nine-five of hearts from Mahonen was three-bet by Kristiansen with queen-deuce, and called by Mahonen. a five-four-trey board saw Kristansen over-bet jam for almost three-times the pot, but Mahonen called. The turn bricked but the river completed Kristansen’s straight, and secured him the title.

The Festival Tallinn Side Events Results

Event Buy-in Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
Sviten Special €250 77 €16,632 Frans Jonsson €4,012
NLH Knockout €60 83 €4,150 Koen Roos €476
8-Game €115 49 €4,704 Erno Suominen €1,644
PLO Masters €250 63 €13,608 Mohammed Halafi €4,768
Win the Button €115 114 €10,944 Kristoffer Winterstein €1,794
NLH Progressive KO €225 184 €17,664 Serguei Palomera €3,207
PLO High Roller €1,050 35 €34,560 Georgi Voomets €10,909
H.O.R.S.E. €250 64 €13,824 Espen Sandvik €4,164
Half and Half (NLH/PLO) €115 113 €10,848 Arild Torgersen €2,708
PokerListings Deepstack €250 252 €54,432 Kalle Ly €10,736
Open Face Chinese €330 37 €10,656 Vladislavs Petrovs €3,568
NLH High Roller €1,050 41 €39,360 Aleksi Naski €10,860
PLO Turbo €115 93 €18,528 Sami Kumpulainen €4,058

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