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Too often we simply pack our bags and hop on a plane without a second thought to the planet and the environment, but we should. It is no secret that the earth is slowly deteriorating with the rate continuously increasing, and our future is more uncertain than ever.

What if you could find a way to enjoy the luxury of travel and work, all the while being planet conscious and aware, yet without all the fuss? Well, we have the perfect solution. Ostrichpillow travel products are a holistic approach to comfort, style, and design, and are the ideal travel accessory to take with you on your adventures around the globe, knowing that simply by purchasing these eco-friendly products, you have contributed to a better future.

Work-Life Balance


Finding ways to balance our work agendas and home life can be tricky, sometimes overwhelming, and it certainly takes a strain on our mental and physical well-being. Ostrichpillow products brand understands this, and taking these elements into account they have created and designed bespoke must-have products to take with you wherever you go.

If you have ever been on a last-minute flight and found yourself in the remaining available seat squashed between two people at the back of the plane, you will know how important comfort is, because unless you are flying up front, you are more than likely in an upright seat. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours with a stiff neck, unable to shift, and then somehow disembark in one piece, you need support.

The Ostrichpillow has proven highly successful in maintaining a 360-degree ergonomic comfort design that supports proper spinal and head positioning, and optimizing your well-being while you travel and explore the world. Using the Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow will help you to arrive in style, and comfort.

What is great about this product is that when you purchase from the store the funds go directly into a campaign for decreasing the planet’s carbon footprint and in turn help to maintain forests and prevent deforestation.

While cutting down acres of trees may be a business to others, they don’t seem to realize the negative impact this has on the earth and the human species. Sure we can plant trees and grow more, but the larger and more mass-filled the tree the more efficient the absorption of the carbon dioxide in the air. Purchasing a bespoke and uniquely designed travel pillow to make adventuring more comfortable is a small part of the bigger picture, and you enjoy the luxury of its self-care objective and give back to the planet at the same time, it’s a win-win.

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At the office

As a CEO or business owner, you will appreciate the need to be one step ahead of the game, the leader of the pack as it were, and this can be exhausting, both physically and mentally, and sometimes a power nap can do you the world of good.

But if you have ever tried to take a break at your desk then you know how uncomfortable it can be and you essentially get no rest at all. Until now. With the Original Napping Pillow readily available you can have it all. The cocoon-like pillow with its black-out light design and material, and sound-eliminating architecture is the solution you have been praying for. Now you can rest in the convenience of your office and with the comfort level to put your body at ease, to take a weight off for a moment.

Self-care is a necessity for being healthy, and with its ergonomic design, the cocoon-like pillow leans towards a holistic well-being approach to create homeostasis in the mind and body. And while your power nap is to be the best version of yourself for your employees, you are also ensuring less of an imprint on the carbon footprint by funding the campaign through your purchase.

Bespoke design for everyone

A final thought

Whether you choose to make use of the 100% black out Ostrichpillow travel eye mask while jet-setting across the world, or the ergonomic cocoon pillow, Ostrichpillow products have you covered. When you return home from your explorations you don’t need to stop taking care of yourself, a good night’s sleep and rest are key to starting the next day fresh and renewed, so the blackout eye mask is a must-have next to the bed. Lightweight, well-designed, and light-eliminating so you can enjoy a deep sleep for a good rest. Your part may be small, but it is effective, and everyone wins this way. The planet is better protected and cared for, your well-being is made a priority, and multi-tasking and balancing are now easier, and more comfortable than ever.

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