What Does the Future Hold for FIFA Games?

The rumors are true. The incredible partnership between Electronic Arts and FIFA is coming to an end. But this isn’t bad news – it’s a sign that there is so much more to come in the eSports gaming industry. 

Sports gaming continues to innovate and grow, so whether you play sports games or enjoy soccer betting, you know the experience will only get better and better. Join us as we discuss the split between the two companies, the future of EA Sports FC, and what to expect from the highly-anticipated FIFA 23 game. We’ll also show you how to bet on soccer online so you can start playing for real money. 

FIFA games: from underdog to frontrunner

The very first FIFA electronic game was released in 1993. In partnership with EA Sports, a division of Electronic Arts, FIFA 94 or FIFA International Soccer was designed to be a soccer version of the widely popular Madden NFL games. This first version of FIFA was groundbreaking at its time of release: it traded the traditional birds-eye view 16-bit style for innovative isometric technology. FIFA 94 was played on the SNES and SEGA Megadrive console and, unlike its modern counterparts, didn’t feature real soccer player names.

FIFA 95 was the first FIFA game to feature real-time 3D graphics using Virtual Stadium technology. The following year, the release of FIFA 96 gave people the first opportunity to play with their favorite soccer stars. This PlayStation and Sega Saturn game would be defining for the franchise as it was the first time players could view rankings, transfer players and customize their teams. 

Despite the game’s innovation and evolution, FIFA titles released by EA Sports couldn’t keep up with the competition from other eSports games, which meant they needed to develop more exciting gameplay mechanisms. In 2006, the team improved game controls and added features such as an in-depth career mode and customized coaching. The FIFA 08 game implemented the famous Be a Pro feature. Moreover, as the first FIFA title released for the Nintendo Wii console, FIFA 08 and its use of motion-sensing controllers allowed players a truly immersive soccer experience. 

EA gets ahead of the competition

By 2010, FIFA Games had found its stride. FIFA 11 allowed gamers to play as a goalie for the first time, added 360-degree dribbling and boasted more life-like players and an improved passing system. With Career Mode, players could finally act as the team manager. The highly popular soccer game could now be played on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and the Wii console. 

In recent years, FIFA has upped the ante with artificial intelligence technology to mimic player behavior. Newer games incorporated changing weather conditions, signature goal celebrations and a ‘The Journey’ storyline that lets you control and guide a rookie Premier League player to Champions League glory. The latest game, FIFA 22, became the most popular sports game in the world only 22 days after its release. The game has already been played in more than 200 nations worldwide, with an average of 89 million matches played daily. 

The future of EA Sports and FIFA

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